Brindisi, Italy: Ancient Italian Gateway to the East

Brindisi will take you back in time, with its tiny streets, ancient buildings, wild nature and gorgeous beaches, combined with a natural park – a great spot on your Med cruise. The gorgeous city of Brindisi is located on the Adriatic Coast, in the Apulia region of Italy. It is situated between the two deep bays that are linked to the open sea by a narrow, deep channel.

Since ancient times this place has been called the “Gateway to the East,” because it was an important port of the Roman troops and then for the merchants from Venice.

Even today it is an important tourist and commercial point that connects with other countries.

The port’s hinterland is the Murge region that extends up to the Itria Valley in the north.

Cisternino town near Brindisi in Puglia, Italy - It is a hill town in the wonderful Itria Valley, known for lovely trulli houses.. Cisternino's charming old center is also a treat for visitors - explore the narrow alleys and streets, admire the whitewashed houses and interesting landmarks of the town.Cisternino town close to Brindisi in Puglia

This land is a mosaic of colors with cultivated fields, olive groves, vineyards and colorful orchards that are broken down by roads and clearings.

A Little Bit Of History

Ostuni town near Brindisi, Italy - This is a beautiful hill town also known as "The White City". The city's whitewashed houses and narrow alleys are a great place to explore the beauty of this gem near the Adriatic Sea. There are many cafes to relax, enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere and admire the architecture of the town inhabited since the Stone Age.Ostuni town close to Brindisi

The fortresses and watch towers that dominate the ancient villages tells you about the history of this city.

However, there are also ancient testimonies that prove the presence of the Messapian civilization in prehistoric times.

Brindisi was the settlement of ancient Greeks and it got its name from Greek Brentesion, which means “Deer’s head,” referring to the shape of the natural harbor.

Old street in Cisternino Town, Puglia, Italy - Cisternino is a small but charming hill town near Brindisi. Take a walk through its old centre and enjoy the view of stone houses, white balconies, arch covered narrow alleys and the interesting monuments. Cisternino lies in the historic area of Itria Valley, known for the famous trulli houses.

 Old street in Cisternino town

The city’s natural harbor and geographical location made it a central location for settlers, invaders and traders throughout its history.

The Romans conquered it in 267 BC and it became a major center of their naval power.

Later it was conquered by Ostrogoths, Byzantines, Lombards and Saracens. It was also ruled by Venice, Spain and Austria respectively.

During the festival of the “Decorated Horse” on the Corpus Domini Day, the archbishop brings the Eucharist in procession on a white war horse.

A boat procession is held in the harbor on the festival of Saints Teodoro and Lorenzo.

Some of the famous personalities from this city are Margaritus of Brindisi, Eugenio Barba, Stefano Miceli, Antimo lunco, Daniele Vantaggiato and Giustino Durano.

Where is Brindisi?


  • 70.8 miles/ 114 km from Bari, Italy
  • 48.4 miles/ 78 km from Gallipoli, Italy
  • 332.4 miles/ 535 km from Rome, Italy
  • 24.2 miles/ 39 km from Lecce, Italy
  • 233.6 miles/ 376 km from Naples, Italy
  • 3.1 miles/ 5 km from Brindisi Salento Airport, Italy
  • 77.6 miles/ 125 km from Bari Palese Airport, Italy
  • 229.9 miles/ 370 km from Naples International Airport, Italy
  • 346.1 miles/ 557 km from Rome Fiumicino Airport, Italy
  • 330.5 miles/ 532 km from Rome Ciampino Airport, Italy

Things to See

  • Hohenstaufen Castle
  • The Catalan-Aragonese Castle (Castello Rosso and Swabian Castle)
  • Chiesa di Santa Maria del Casale
  • The Cathedral
  • Church of S. Giovanni al Sepolcro
  • Colonna Romana
  • Monument to Italian Sailors


  • Pilone Beach
  • Torre Guaceto Beach
  • Torre Rosa


  • Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve
  • Cisternino
  • Wildlife Park
  • Spas

Brindisi has a beautiful coastline, rich in nature and it is the perfect paradise if you love the sea. Otherwise you can explore the caves, rocky settlements, castles, cathedrals and ancient farms.

This place is just like the olden days Italy, full of old world charm, untouched beaches and home cooked food.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!