Cagliari, Sardinia: Visit the Cultural And Artistic Capital City

Cagliari is the largest city and the capital of Sardinia, which is a large island in the Mediterranean to the west of Italy. The best way to see Cagliari is from the sailor’s vantage point, by approaching the city from the sea. A massive castle towers over majestically and in between the castle and the harbor lays the marina.

This lively city offers the best of everything: gorgeous blue waters, white sandy beaches, architectural wonders, historical monuments, colorful festivals and tranquil lagoons.

It has a large port and an airport, which makes it easily accessible from the mainland Italy.

It enjoys a typical Mediterranean weather with warm summers and mild winters.

Porto Giunco beach in Villasimius close to Cagliari, Sardinia - This is a beautiful beach with white sand and crystal clear water. It is a perfect spot for your Italian break.Porto Giunco beach in Villasimius close to Cagliari, Sardinia

A Little Bit of History

The port city of Cagliari was founded in the 7th century B.C. by the Phoenicians.

The Romans conquered this port city in 241 B.C. and they constructed public buildings, thermal baths, cisterns, arcades, water tanks, and worship and meeting places.

With the decline of the Roman Empire, Christianity spread over Cagliari.

For a short period it was ruled by the Vandals, but thereafter the city began to decline. This became even more evident during the Arabic raids.

The inhabitants moved gradually towards the Lagoon of Santa Igia, where a new fortified settlement was built. Then the city was taken over by the Pisans, Aragonese and the Piedmontese.

Feudalism was abolished in 1838 and the city was united with the mainland Italy in 1870.

The View of Cagliari, Sardinia - Cagliari is the largest city and the capital of Sardinia that offers wonderful blue waters, sandy beaches, historical and architectural monuments and tranquil lagoons. You will love the mix of grand avenues, narrow alleyways that radiate out from piazzas, the harbor with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and modern boulevards lined with cafes and boutiques.The View of Cagliari, Sardinia

During WWII Cagliari was heavily bombed and the American army took control of the city. Its location in the Mediterranean Sea made it strategically important during the war.

Sagra di Sant’ Efisio is celebrated with a colorful four day procession that starts from Cagliari and proceeds to the Romanesque church of Saint Efisio on the beach at Nora.

The saint’s statue is accompanied by decorated oxcarts and horsemen. Food and dancing follows the parade.

This classy city has something for all shopping fanatics from fashion stores to traditional shopping streets.

Pedestrian streets are filled with stores selling local cloth items, handicrafts, footwear, jewelry, bags and accessories.

Where is Cagliari?


  • 170.2 miles/ 274 km from Olbia, Sardinia, Italy
  • 43.3 miles/ 69.8 km from Genuri, Sardinia, Italy
  • 33.9 miles/ 54.7 km from Lunamatrona, Sardinia, Italy
  • 153.4 miles/ 247 km from Alghero, Sardinia, Italy
  • 382.1 miles/ 615 km from Rome, Italy
  • 4.4 miles/ 7.2 km from Cagliari Elmas Airport, Sardinia, Italy
  • 149.1 miles/ 240 km from Alghero Fertilia Airport, Sardinia, Italy
  • 167.7 miles/ 270 km from Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, Sardinia, Italy

Things to See

  • The Castello
  • Chiesa di Sant’Efisio
  • The Archeological Museum
  • The Marina District
  • Palazzo Viceregio
  • The Botanical Garden


  • Il Poetto Beach
  • Cala Mosca
  • Cala Regina
  • Capo Ferrato Beach
  • Maddalena Beach and Chia Beach


  • Walking Tour of Cagliari
  • Molentargius Marsh
  • Nora Archeological Site
  • Su Nuraxi

Cagliari is a mix of grand avenues, narrow alleyways that radiate out from piazzas, the harbor and modern boulevards lined with cafes and boutiques.

You will surely enjoy a trip to Sardinia’s cultural and artistic capital city.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!