Cartagena, Spain: A Mix Of Moorish, Roman And Phoenician Heritage

This Spanish cultural hotspot elegantly blends its Art Nouveau architecture with ancient heritage and a key naval port… The port city of Cartagena is in the Costa Calida and it has been a prized city since the Carthaginian times. The natural harbor of Cartagena is situated in the southeast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea and it is surrounded by five hills.

The city has close ties with the sea, and its history is clearly depicted in its museums and the city itself.

A Little bit of History

The Carthaginians and Romans were the early settlers, and it was founded by Asdrubal, a Carthaginian general in 229 BC.

Cartagena City Hall, Spain - This is one of the prettiest buildings of the city situated near the waterfront. It is a popular city attraction where you can learn about history of Cartagena, admire its impressive architecture and relax in one of cafes nearby.City Hall in Cartagena

It remained under the Carthaginians until it was conquered by General of a peculiar name – Cornelio Escorpion, and it became an important city and enjoyed prosperity in the Roman rule.

Then, of course, as the fate of all the nice Mediterranean cities goes, it was inhabited by the Visigoths and Byzantines, and it was later conquered by the Muslims.

Alfonso X reconquered the city in 1242 and during the 18th century it was made the capital of Spanish Navy’s Maritime Department. The city was heavily fortified with castles, walls and barracks to protect its port.

The port of played a major role in the War of Succession and the Peninsular War. In the 19th century the mining industry helped Cartagena to become one of the richest cities of Spain.

Port of Cartagena, Spain - Cartagena is a city on the Mediterranean coast in Murcia region with natural harbor surrounded by five hills. The city offers many cultural and historical attraction to be explored and some pleasant beaches for relaxation.Port of Cartagena

Carthaginians and Romans Festival is the most important celebration in this port city, when the people celebrate the period of their rich history for ten days.

Mar de Musicas is a festival of new and world music, which has achieved recognition at both national and international level.

Where is Cartagena?


  • 32.9 miles/ 53 km from Murcia, Spain
  • 167.7 miles/ 270 km from Valencia, Spain
  • 76.4 miles/ 123 km from Alicante, Spain
  • 119.3 miles/ 192 km from Almeria, Spain
  • 279.6 miles/ 450 km from Madrid, Spain
  • 478.4 miles/ 770 km from Andorra La Vella, Andorra
  • 18.6 miles/ 30 km from Murcia-San Javier Airport, Spain
  • 172.1 miles/ 277 km from Valencia-Manises Airport, Spain

What to See

Roman Theatre Museum in Cartagena, Spain - This is an ancient theatre discovered in 1980s. It is situated in the middle of the city and a great place for history and photography lovers.Roman Theater Museum in Cartagena
  • Municipal Archaeology Museum
  • Cartagena Roman Theater Museum
  • National Museum of Underwater Archeology
  • La Torre Ciega Archeological Area
  • Tourist Catamaran
  • Museum of Carriages and Motorcycles
  • La Manga Club


  • El Portus
  • Calblanque – Playa Larga
  • Isla Plana
  • Cala Fria
  • Cala del Pino
  • Cala Medina


  • Conception Castle
  • Cartagena City Tour
  • Elche and Palm Tree Park
  • Journey to Murcia

It’s very much worth your while to cruise to this Spain’s main naval port city and immerse in the Moorish, Roman and Phoenician heritage.

This city is enjoying a resurgence to make it a vibrant tourist destination.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!