5 Awesome Civitavecchia Beaches: Sand, Pebble and Rock

Civitavecchia beaches are varied in the sense that you can find sandy and pebbly stretches, while there are also areas with reefs.

This access port to Rome offers quite a few beaches, within the city itself but also outside, further to the south if you’ve got time to explore the nature around the area.

Check out these 5 Civitavecchia beaches that you can visit on your next trip to Rome (or Civitavecchia itself 🙂 ).

1. Pirgo Beach

This recently discovered beach spreads out right in front of some beautiful buildings in Civitavecchia.

The pebbly beach has an extraordinary square that emerges from the center of the sea and it can be reached by a marvelous wharf that begins at the beach.

Pirgo is a huge success with numerous visitors, both in the day time and at night.

2. Civitavecchia Beach

Just down the seafront promenade, opposite the train station, you’ll find a golden sandy beach – the main Civitavecchia beach.

The water is quite clear and you can see fish swimming around. It is also a great place for you to take a dip and escape the heat for the moment.

The wide boulevards between palm trees and the artificial bridges provide good opportunities for walking. On the beach near the fort, there is a carnival fair for kids.

When the night falls, the fountains spray bright colored waters.

There is also a beach stretch covered with pebbles along Civitavecchia’s waterfront, on the south of the same stretch.

There are cabanas, cafes, and other basic amenities for people who want to swim or just sunbathe. The privately owned beach clubs charge you to use these amenities.

3. Sant’Agostino Beach

Sant’Agostino beach (or Saint Augustine beach) is a 2 km/1.3 miles long sandy beach with shallow waters, which makes it possible to walk quite a bit out to the sea.

The beach is uncontaminated and offers beautiful scenery. The vast area provides enough space to play football or volleyball, or to just to relax. It is 10 km/6.2 miles from Civitavecchia on the coast road towards Tarquinia.

For people who want to enjoy sun and sea far away from crowded beaches, the last beaches on the Tarquinia coastal road are just what they might be looking for.

There are no bathing establishments, and these uncontaminated beaches offer beautiful and very suggestive scenery with stunning sunsets. The water along this coastline is particularly shallow and you can enjoy walks out in the sea, surrounded by tranquil waters.

4. Lido di Tarquinia Beaches

This area is 17.1 km/10.6 miles from Civitavecchia and it features a wide range of beaches for all tastes.

It’s visited by families and sports enthusiasts alike, and Tarquinia beaches alternate between established, sandy beaches with life guard service and lounge chairs for rent, and all the way to pretty wild and unspoiled beaches where you can enjoy the nature of the area.

5. La Frasca Beach

This stretch of reef coastline, behind the Saint Augustine area, is formed by a scale-like rocky expanse that forms a series of inlets and bays for nearly 6 kilometers/3.7 miles.

The beautiful seabed makes it ideal for scuba diving. A pine forest dominates the coastal hinterland and there are excellent camping facilities.

Ideale Beach

This coastal area is located further south towards Rome , and the high waves of this pebbly beach attract surfers in large numbers.

Civitavecchia might surprise you with the beaches it has to offer.

The city is mostly known as the cruise port of Rome, and the Michelangelo’s fortress that dominates the waterfront.

Give Civitavecchia a chance, and take a dive into its beaches on your next trip! 🙂