Cruise Packing List – What to Wear? What to Pack for a Cruise?

cruise packing list - poolWe’ve put together a cruise packing list that we hope will help you in your planning for that great trip to the sunny and hot Mediterranean. We tried to cover every aspect of what you should consider taking with you on your Med cruise. However it is totally up to you eventually how you want to travel – light or heavy.

The sections below cover everything you need to think of before your trip, and feel free to pick and choose according to your preference – you’ll have your own cruise packing list at the end. πŸ™‚

So read on and get ready to enjoy your Mediterranean cruise!

How much to pack?

It is generally preferable to pack as light as you can. Think about it – if you don’t live in the Mediterranean, then you’ll likely to:
– fly to Europe
– transfer from the airport to the ship terminal
– wait, move around
– after cruising – the same, in reverse order
– if you arrive a couple of days before the cruise to the port (eg. Rome), or stay after the cruise, add that additional luggage handling

So it is a good idea to pack light. In addition, airline will charge for extra luggage, and ship cabins can be not-so-large.

Finally, it is good to pack everything in the type of bag you can take with you on the plane to prevent the disappointment of the lost luggage. At least pack the essentials in a smaller backpack.

If your luggage is lost, and you don’t get it back before you board the ship, it can be quite a challenge to have it sent to your next port of call. Check with the airline in advance what happens in that case.

With all that out of the way – let’s dive in!

Cruise packing list can be divided into three categories – essentials, clothing and non-clothing accessories.

What are the essentials to be packed?

There are a few essentials that need the first priority while packing. They include the following:
1. Passports, driver’s license and visas (make sure you get a good passport wallet for these)
2. Cruise tickets
3. Airline tickets
4. Vaccination certificate (if applicable)
5. Medical insurance certificates (check with your insurance company what the coverage is)
6. Cruise travel insurance
7. Credit cards, cash and traveler checks
8. Seasickness remedy (if you know you suffer from it) and other medications (with clearly readable labels and small print, organized in a handy pill box), plus records of medical history (if applicable)
9. Copies of all important documents like passport, visa, tickets
10. Money belt or neck wallet to put all this stuff in!

The above list includes the most essential things in a cruise packing list.

These should be packed in your carry-on luggage. It is also a good idea to take some emergency cash in smaller bills that are easy to exchange in Mediterranean ports.

Clothing packing list

cruise packing list - clothingThis section of the cruise packing list depends upon the destination, the weather, the duration of your cruise and the dress code of your cruise. The clothing to be packed can be categorized as the sportswear and essentials, casual, formal, informal and accessories.

The essentials include the underwear, socks and nightgown/pajamas. Do not forget to take your swimsuit and a cover up (good idea to take two bathing suits to always have a dry extra one).

Do not take towels, they are supplied on the ships, they’ll just bulk up your luggage.

You can also pack your sports and gym clothes because most of the cruises have gyms and yoga training centers. Light sweaters are essential because sometimes cold winds blow in the nights.

If your destination has cold weather you may have to pack warm clothing. But bear in mind that Mediterranean gets really hot in summer, so don’t overdo it. Rain jackets should not be forgotten if you’re cruising in spring or autumn.

The casuals include shorts, jeans, skirts, sports shirts, tee shirts, tops and slacks. When you pack tops make sure you include all types of tops like sleeveless, half sleeves and full sleeved tops. You may need them when you go off shore.

If you are planning to buy and wear souvenir tee shirts, you can pack limited tops. Make sure that the jeans, skirts and tops can be mixed and matched.

Informal wear is a step above the casual wear and a step below the formal wear. Informal wear includes informal dress and trousers and blouse for women. Men may prefer to wear jackets over their shirts. Ties are not needed for men.

Formal dresses are needed for formal nights. Women love to dress up in formal dresses. They love to show off their beauty in glittering gowns. Evening gowns and cocktail gowns are the right choices for formal wears for women.

Men should wear tuxedos and dark suits. Ties and scarves are also a good choice here.

Shoes – it’s key to choose them wisely. Basically, you need comfortable walking shoes for port visits and roaming your gigantic ship (you can use your sports shoes as well). Formal shoes for ladies include elegant sandals or high heels, while men should match them to their formal dress.

Clothing accessories

Very important part of your cruise packing list because the accessories to be worn vary for each type of dress, especially for women.

Accessories for casual wear include large hats, long earrings, day purses and sandals.

You may need a wristwatch or bracelet, broad belts, ear studs, bold necklaces, high heeled sandals, hair band and evening clutch purses for your informal wear.

And why not go for a jeweled watch, jewelry for your arms, fingers, neck and ears, stylish belts, hair clips, crystal embellished sandals, and evening shoes. πŸ™‚

What to pack and what to wear not only depend upon the dress codes of the ship and the destination of your cruise, but it also depends upon your comfort.

Make sure that you will be comfortable in all the clothes that you have packed. Make sure that your carrier bag includes a set of your toiletries and a set of clothes. This will be helpful in case of loss or delay of baggage.

Baby Stuff

Check in advance whether your ship will provide all that you need for your little ones. Here is the list that might help you get organised:

  1. Travel crib
  2. Travel bottle warmer
  3. Toys for your little one
  4. Stroller with umbrella (Mediterranean sun can be quite strong)

Non-clothing accessories

cruise packing list 1There are many non-clothing accessories that could be included in your cruise packing list. The choice is endless (and yours :).

  1. Travel pillow
  2. Guide books (electronic on your tablet or printed) + maps
  3. Electronic items play an important role in our lives these days. You just can’t spend a day without electronics. The electronic items you might consider for a cruise include:
    1. camera
    2. mobile phone
    3. laptop
    4. music players
    5. e-book reader
    6. underwater camera if you plan to go for snorkeling and other underwater activities
    7. chargers for all of these + spare batteries
  4. Sunglasses and reading glasses (or contact lenses).
  5. Reading and writing materials.
  6. Business cards or personal contact cards.
  7. Small clock with alarm (or use your mobile phone).
  8. Laundry bags and zip-lock bags.
  9. Foldable umbrella.
  10. Small tote bags to take the things you need when you go to the shore.
  11. Sunscreen lotions.
  12. Bug spray and anti-bug creams.
  13. First aid kits.
  14. Sewing kit.
  15. Wipes.
  16. All essential toiletries.
  17. Toys to entertain your kids if you are taking them along.
  18. Binoculars.
  19. Multiple plug-ins with cords that can be extended.
  20. Foldable bag for packing the things you bought.
  21. Hangers for hanging your clothes.
  22. Flash light.
  23. Ear plugs (if you’re sensitive to noise, or to your snoring partner πŸ™‚ )

That’s it! Your cruise packing list is done. πŸ™‚

Packing for cruise can be fun if you plan and start to pack in advance.

We hope this list can help you think about + plan + pack for your dream Mediterranean cruise. You know yourself best, and be honest with yourself when considering what to take with you on a cruise.

Again, the less – the merrier! πŸ™‚