Funchal, Madeira: Relax On The Sunniest Coast Of South Madeira

Funchal city is uniquely located in a natural amphitheater that faces the vast Atlantic ocean with the protective ring of green mountains as the backdrop. It is located on the sunniest coast of south Madeira among banana plantations and colorful flower gardens, where the flowers bloom all year round sheltered by the mountains. It is a lush, green, easy-going city during daytime, but with a totally different vibrant life in the evenings.

Approaching this city’s harbor from the Atlantic ocean is an experience you will not want to miss, rivaling closely that of approaching Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Summers are never too hot and winters are pleasantly mild, making Funchal a year round tourist destination.

Today, this port city is no more the fennel-growing pirate city, but a modern, rejuvenated destination well known for its star hotels, warm climate and the most famous, world class footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Botanical Garden in Funchal, Madeira - This is a colorful garden that has more than two thousand exotic plants and offers some amazing views of Funchal. Here, you will also find the Natural History Museum and Louro Bird Park, which is a great place for bird lovers.Botanical Garden in Funchal, Madeira

A Little Bit of History

Portuguese were the first settlers here more than 500 years ago. The settlers were attracted by the fertile bay where fennel (funcho) was found in large quantities – and hence the today’s name of this remarkable city.

The modern city is safe and clean, and the credit goes to Mr. Miguel Albuquerque, the well-known mayor who has made Funchal beautiful and safe.

The cobbled streets blend well with the contemporary shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and tourists, making this port city a unique and exciting destination.

Many festivals are celebrated here, the famous one being fireworks bonanza of the New Year’s Eve, one of the most spectacular in the world.

The View of Funchal, Portugal - Funchal is a lovely Portuguese city on the coast of south Madeira with breathtaking scenery that offers something for everyone - an easy-going atmosphere during daytime but also a vibrant nightlife. A visit to this Portuguese gem is an experience you should not miss.The city of Funchal, Madeira

The Carnival and the colorful Flower Festival are wonderful and not to be missed. Christmas season makes the whole city shine like a giant Christmas tree, with colorful reflections in the Atlantic ocean.

The Wine Festival is held during the harvest of grapes. Madeira lace and wine are still produced here in the Old World tradition.

Where is Funchal?

  • 812.7 miles/ 1,308 km from Cadiz, Spain
  • 737.5 miles/ 1,187 km from Seville, Spain
  • 748.1 miles/ 1,204 km from Lisbon, Portugal
  • 12.5 miles/ 20.2 km from Madeira Airport, Portugal

What to See

A Typical Square in Funchal, Portugal - Funchal is the capital of Madeira that faces the Atlantic ocean. This vibrant city is great for museum and monument lovers and for discovering beautiful gardens and small and charming city squares.A Typical Square in Funchal, Madeira
  • Municipal Theater Baltazar Dias
  • Town Hall
  • Levada Walking
  • Cable Car to Monte
  • Santa Clara Convent
  • Sao Lourenco Palace
  • Madeira Story Centre
  • Se Cathedral
  • Colegio Church
  • Madeira Botanical Gardens
  • Market


  • Lido
  • Ponta Gorda Calheta
  • Machico Machico
  • Ribeira Brava


  • Ferry to Porto Santos
  • Funchal Adventure
  • Spirit of Madeira

Funchal attracts both the mature tourists who enjoy long walks and breathtaking scenery, and also the young Europeans who travel here to enjoy the late night parties on weekends.

It is truly an inspiring environment for painters, writers, poets and romantic souls.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!