Hartman Luggage Reviews 2018: Classy Travel With The Iconic Brand

Those who say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step are actually wrong. Over the years, we have since learned that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the right luggage.

This is one thing that the people at Hartman seem to know very well. This is the reason why Hartman has become the synonym for the high quality, classy luggage.

What to Expect From This Luxurious Luggage?

Hartmann luggage pieces are made of the finest materials, be it full grain Brazilian leather or the heritage Tweed material.

The attention to detail is evident in its external design, with smart pockets, easily adjustable shoulder straps or stunning good looks overall. Likewise, the interior compartments and clever space solutions will help you pack quickly and efficiently.

Explore these Hartmann luggage reviews below to get a sense of the level of high quality and elegance this brand offers. make a lifestyle statement with one of its iconic luggage pieces.

Hartmann Backpacks

The Hartmann backpacks are designed for the modern traveler in every way.

Apart from the fact that they are manufactured with the standard of craftsmanship you expect from products manufactured in the United States, look for backpacks that are made of leather, preferably the one which is 100% vegetable tanned.

The departments in the Hartmann backpacks are designed to ensure that your luggage is properly separated and you know where to find what.

Features of a typical Hartmann backpack

  • Weight is distributed by adjustable shoulder straps
  • Equipped with a number of pockets for ease of organization
  • Highest quality backpacks are made of a combination of two percent belting leather and 98% ballistic Nylon

Not only is the level of craftsmanship high when it comes to these backpacks, but the are also manufactured from materials that are outstanding in every respect.

Hartmann Spinners

The moment you look at any Hartmann spinner, you will know exactly what brief the designers had.

They were told to make a spinner  that everyone who sees it will not help but continue staring.

Just one look at the texture of the material used to make the bag and you will know that it was made to be durable.

The thoughtful design details on the body parts and zipper pulls give each Hartmann spinner a unique. This is the kind of luggage made for the discerning traveler.

Features of a typical Hartmann spinner

  • Usually made of high quality leather mixed with other durable materials
  • Movement is made simpler by the ability of the wheels to turn the full 360 degrees
  • You can easily access your stuff in various compartments
  • Constructed to be light

The Hartmann spinners represent the kind of quality many have come to expect from this brand.

Even though you can be sure that the airlines will get your bag dirty, do not fret as these luggage pieces clean up quite well thanks to the quality of the materials used.

Hartmann Luggage Intensity Belting Three Compartment Business Case

The moment you see the terms “intensity belting” used with any product, you should know that we are now talking about the revival of a tradition of authentic American manufacturing.

If there is any product in the luggage industry that represents this revival, it is the Hartmann Luggage Intensity Belting Three Compartment Business Case.

Each compartment in the bag is especially considered and designed to do a specific job.


  • Manufactured from a combination of two percent belting leather and 98% Ballistic Nylon
  • Compartments are designed to help you organize your contents for ease of access
  • Easy to carry using either the carry handle or the shoulder strap

The high quality materials were carefully chosen to create this lightweight business case and to provide it with durability expected from this well-known brand. Take your next business trip in style with this classy, yet very functional Hartmann bag.

Hartmann Luggage Tweed Belting Mobile Office Spinner

There is something which makes Hartmann luggage pieces iconic; the detail given to the parts you see and those you do not.

It is not only the outside of the bags to which attention to detail has been given but also the interior that only the owner will see.

The Hartmann Luggage Tweed Belting Mobile Office Spinner combines elegance and functionality, and is a perfect choice for travelers who want to organize their stuff in cleverly designed compartments.


  • The handles are strong and great looking, thanks to the aluminum telescoping material used to make them
  • Manufactured from a combination of Nylon Tweed and Belting Leather
  • Designed with compartments that help you to organize quite a number of items inside the spinner

The Hartmann Luggage Tweed Belting Mobile Office Spinner is the kind of bag that people can’t help but stare at. Blame it all on the quality of the materials and design that oozes style and elegance.

Hartmann Luggage Aviator Backpack

There is nothing that smells as good as leather.

The Hartmann Luggage Aviator Backpack delivers the softness of leather while at the same time ensuring that your brand new backpack is strong enough to last you for years.

Again, we all know the kind of refined statement a leather bag makes; it says volumes about its owner’s attitude and lifestyle.


  • Made of finest Brazilian leather with aniline finish
  • Equipped with straps that help distribute the weight for enhanced comfort
  • Hidden pocket to house your cell phone

If you think that a backpack doesn’t go together with a smart suit, then you haven’t tried the Hartmann Luggage Aviator Backpack yet. This backpack will suit a modern executive while at the same time looking great on a discerning student.


Hartmann Luggage is not known as the leader in the manufacturing of all kinds of luggage for nothing.

As you can see with the best products selected above from this manufacturer, each one of them is designed for the modern discerning traveler who knows that their luggage should always complement their looks and stature in life.