Kamares, Greece: A Journey To The Minoan Cave

Traditional Sifnos is a beautiful Cycladic Island that offers fun and relaxation. It boasts amazing landscapes, wonderful beaches, traditional architecture and picturesque villages. The charm of Sifnos lies in its religious old sites, cobbled streets and ceramic workshops. The island’s medieval settlement and ancient castles preserve its rich history and character.

The hills of Sifnos offer panoramic views of the surrounding bay, with sheep and goats grazing in the pastures.

Kamares is a beach town with long, shallow, clean and sandy beaches that are ideal for families with children. The Kamares Bay is a long sheltered cove and there are rarely any waves.

The picturesque village is located on the west side of Sifnos at the foot of two hills.

Sifnos, Greece - Sifnos is a beautiful Cycladic Island with amazing landscapes, wonderful beaches, traditional Mediterranean architecture and picturesque Greek villages. Kamares is a port of Sifnos and a beach town with long, shallow, clean and sandy beaches and since there are rarely any waves it's an ideal destination for families with children... The View of Sifnos in Greece


It is the port town of Sifnos, but its fertile valleys, great cafes and restaurants make it a nice place to stay.

Agia Marina community belongs to the Kamares village and the 700 meters long sandy beach connects it with the village on the opposite side of the bay. The setting in Agia Marina is very relaxed and peaceful.

A Little Bit of History

The island has been constantly occupied since the Neolithic Age. Settlers from Asia Minor, Minoans of Crete, Mycenaeans and the Ionians were the early settlers of Sifnos.

During the 6th century B.C. the inhabitants were very wealthy, and art and commerce flourished during this period.

In the 5th century B.C. it was taken by Athens. In 338 B.C. Sifnos became a part of the great Macedonian Empire and was ruled by Philip of Macedonia.

Alexander the great followed him and after his death the lands were divided among his heirs.

A Street in Kamares, Sifnos, Greece - Kamares is the port of Sifnos, an amazing Cycladic Island with beautiful beaches, landscapes, and traditional Mediterranean architecture, and a beach town in the Kamares Bay with rarely any waves which makes it a perfect Eastern Mediterranean getaway...

A Street in Kamares, Sifnos

Sifnos came under the authority of Ptolemies of Egypt. The Romans took over the ex Macedonian empire in 146 B.C.

Sifnos along with the other Cycladic Islands was under the constant raids led by Venetian, Frank, Arab, Byzantine and Turk pirates.

Duke of Naxos took all the Cycladic islands under his control in 1207. Then Sifnos was ruled by a Spaniard and later on it was given as dowry to Nicolas Gozzadino of Bologna.

Until 1537 it remained under the Gozzadini dynasty.

In 1821, during the Greek Revolution, Sifnos fought against Turkish rule.

In 1833 it was divided into two municipalities: Apollonia and Artemonas.

Kamares gets its name from the ancient Greek word Kamara, which means “arch” or “dome”; it refers to the several caves that lie on the rocky coastline.

Panagiri is celebrated on the name day of Prophet Elijah and during Panagiri all the islanders make their way up the mountain to the church for a religious service followed by food, wine, music and merrymaking.

The other religious celebrations in Kamares are the Assumption of Virgin Mary and the Feast of Agios Symeon, whose church is on the hillside.

Sifnos Island has a reputation for fine pottery and you can purchase some of these ceramic objects from Sifnos.

 Where is Kamares?

  • 2.48 miles/ 4 km from Apollonia, Greece
  • 4.34 miles/ 7 km from Faros, Greece
  • 13.67 miles/ 22 km from Serifos, Greece
  • 41.63 miles/ 67 km from Mykonos, Greece
  • 21.12 miles/ 34 km from Parikia, Greece
  • 30.44 miles/ 49 km from Naxos, Greece
  • 25 miles/ 40.23 km from Paros, Greece
  • 80 miles/ km from Pireaus, Athens, Greece
  • 20 miles/ 32.2 km from Milos Airport, Greece
  • 24 miles/ 38.6 km from Paros Airport, Greece
  • 47.4 miles/ 76.4 km from Mykonos Airport, Greece

 Things to See

Sifnos has many archaeological sites, ancient monasteries and beautiful churches, but there are no historical buildings or sites in Kamares town.

Agios Symeon, at the foot of the mountain, and Agii Anargyri are the two monasteries in Agia Marina of Kamares.

Agios Spyridon and Profitti Ilias are the two monasteries on the mountains above the village of Kamares.

  • Kamares Cave
  • Archeological Site
  • Chrisopigi Monastery
  • Ancient Towers
  • Archeological Museum
  • Folklore Museum


  • Gialoudia Beach
  • Kamares Beach


  • Apollonia
  • Kastro
  • Serifos
  • Milos

Even though Sifnos has gradually developed as a tourist destination, it has not lost its authenticity.

Explore the attractive secluded spots of Sifnos to get away from the tourist crowds and relax in the exotic coves under the imposing hill backdrop. It is the archetypal Greek island, which is part of its appeal.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!