Katakolon, Greece: Let The Olympic Games Begin

The charming seaside village of Katakolon, Greece, in western Elis (Ilia) is located within a gulf overlooking the Ionian Sea. This port town is located 15 km/9.3 miles from Pirgos on the western coast of the Peloponnese. Katakolon is a good place to start your trip to the famous Olympia, birthplace of the modern Olympics.

It appears to be a sleepy quay side village, but it is the jumping off points for trips to Olympia.

A short drive from Katakolon, just 35 km/21.7 miles, will take you to the city of Olympia, where the Ancient Greeks held athletic contests called the Olympics, every four years for more than a millennium, in honor of god Zeus.

The Philippeion at Olympia in Katakolon, Greece - These are the ruins of ancient monument started by Philip II of Macedonia and completed by Alexander the Great. The monument was their donation to the Greek gods.The Philippeion at Olympia

Katakolon is situated on a peninsula and has a lighthouse that dates back to 1865. The deep water port of Katakolon is suitable for large cruise ships.

A Little Bit of History

The port town of Katakolon had its glorious days at the end of the 19th and the middle of the 20th centuries.

The port was built from the funds given by the local Pyrgos authorities to facilitate the transportation of goods to all major ports in Europe. The Pyrgos-Katakolon rail link was completed in 1881.

The View of Katakolon, Greece - The charming seaside village of Katakolon, in western Elis (Ilia) sits in a gulf and overlooks the Ionian Sea. It is a great place for beach lovers and even more interesting for history enthusiasts since the city of Olympia (birthplace of the modern Olympics) is just nearby.The View of Katakolon

Some of the warehouse buildings along its backstreets are restored and preserved to showcase the history of Katakolon Port.

Olympia is one of the most renowned places in traditional Greece. The Olympic Games originated here in 776 BC and were repeated every four years.

The games lasted only for a day but the ceremony held after the games lasted for a few weeks. The ceremony was strictly attended only by men.

The Olympic Games were stopped in 393 AD after being held for over 1200 years. They were started again in Athens in 1896.

Main Entrance at Ancient Olympia Stadium, Olympia near Katakolon, Greece - Olympia is known as a birthplace of the modern Olympics. There is a modern train that will take you back in time from Katakolon to Olympia and the journey will take you through some gorgeous Greek countryside as well.Main Entrance at Ancient Olympia Stadium

Olympia has been the main attraction of Katakolon. Throughout the centuries many buildings were built and destroyed and rebuilt in the Olympic complex.

There is a modern train that will take you to Olympia from Katakolon in 45 minutes.

The train departs from the cruise port station and the journey takes you through some gorgeous Greek countryside.

Where is Katakolon?

Where is Katakolon-map

  • 8.4 miles/ 13.6 km from Pyrgos, Greece
  • 64.6 miles/ 104 km from Patras, Greece
  • 20.5 miles/ 33.1 km from Olympia, Greece
  • 190.7 miles/ 307 km from Athens, Greece
  • 76.4 miles/ 123 km from Kalamata Airport, Greece
  • 56.2 miles/ 90.5 km from Zakynthos Airport, Greece
  • If you take a bus from Central Bus Station in Athens, it will take you 4 hours to reach Pyrgos Town.

Things to See

  • Olympia Archaeological Site
  • Olympia Archaeological Museum
  • Kyllini Baths
  • Visit to local galleries and traditional shops, local cafes, eat fresh seafood and local favorites


  • Agios Andreas Beach
  • Reneta Beach
  • Kourouta Beach


  • The Thermal Baths at Kyllini, Foloi Oak Forest, Strofilia Forest and the Kalogria wetlands
  • Olympia Stadium
  • The Castle of Chlemoutsi
  • Mercouri’s Vineyards & Winery

Katakolon is a nice place to relax – if you are not interested in beaches or history, you can just do some jewelry shopping, eat nice local lunch and relax looking out at the sea.

But if you are a history buff, then this place gives you access to some of the most fascinating archaeological stuff in the Mediterranean.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!