Luxury Luggage Brands 2018: Travel in Style On Your Next Voyage

For those of you who demand quality, aesthetic appeal and practicality from your luggage, and hope to buy luggage only once that will last you a lifetime, consider these luxury luggage brands for your next trip.

Combining style with function, quality materials and recognizable names, these pieces will turn heads and last you through every upcoming trip.

Spending a little more for your travel accessories truly pays for itself—no need to worry about seams coming apart, wheels catching or annoying bulk. These are designed to be streamlined and durable.

Best Luxury Luggage Brands: Quick Roundup

  1. Delsey Luggage Chatelet 28-Inch Spinner Trolley
  2. Maxwell Scott Luxury Tan Fine Leather Luggage
  3. Royce Leather Luxury Duffel Bag

What to look for when you’re in the market for a great piece of luxury luggage?

First, materials should be at the top of your list. Look for leather that is vegetable tanned and soft, but will hold up in any conditions and resist wear over time.

Second, you’ll need enough room to pack for short or long trips.

Last but not least, your luggage should be able to suit your needs: whether you like to carry your bag over your shoulder or on wheels.

If you’re a frequent flyer and looking for a brand of luggage that combines both luxury and practicality, look no further than the following brands to suit your needs, wherever in the world you’re headed to next.

Delsey Luggage Chatelet 28-Inch Spinner Trolley

As beautiful as it is functional, Delsey’s Luggage Chatelet 28-inch Spinner Trolley is a timeless piece of travel luxury.

In a durable polycarbonate outside and gorgeous red nylon inside, this piece of luggage is streamlined yet spacious.

The outside comes complete with maneuverable wheels with a break system located at the back of the suitcase that allows for smooth glide and, simultaneously, keeps the bag from migrating at inconvenient times.

A TSA lock is discreet and recessed, but easily accessible. An identification tag at the back eliminates worry in case of loss.

The interior of the bag comes with two separate compartments, one on the top and one on the bottom, to keep your contents secure, and two strong drawstring bags as well.

For fashion, function and durability, this bag will quickly become a favorite.

Maxwell Scott Luxury Tan Fine Leather Luggage

If you’re looking for a luxury item that will stand the test of time, Maxwell Scott Luxury Fine Leather Luggage delivers.

This bag measures at a spacious 12.6 inches high, 23.2 inches wide, and 13.7 inches deep—just enough room to fit all your travel essentials without adding unnecessary bulk.

Whether you prefer to carry your suitcase across your shoulder on a removable shoulder strap, or roll it on wheels behind you, Maxwell Scott Luxury Fine Leather Luggage can go either way.

Made from Italian leather tanned with vegetable matter from a respected tannery, this classic yet stylish piece of luggage will stay with you throughout all your travels. It is backed with a 25 year warranty for added peace of mind.

If you’re on the hunt for beautiful, high-quality luggage, Maxwell Scott Luxury Fine Leather Luggage will go with you around the world in style.

Royce Leather Luxury Duffel Bag

There’s nothing like a seasoned traveler moving quickly through an airport with a single sleek leather carry on duffel bag.

Royce Leather Luxury Duffel Bag is simple, classic and perfect for frequent travelers.

Designed in a New York-based company and made from soft, sleek leather from Colombia and brass hardware, these elements combine to make a beautiful piece of quality luggage.

Three pockets are included in this duffel, two on the inside and one on the outside for access to your boarding pass or ID, without the fuss of hunting around in multiple pockets.

With a detachable shoulder strap and a convenient hand strap, you can choose how you want to carry your bag.

This chic duffel bag also comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you’re sure to love it for all your upcoming trips, now and in the future.


Whether you are on your way to study abroad in Europe, on a business trip to a familiar place, or visiting family for the weekend, these luxury pieces of luggage will be lifelong companions wherever your journey takes you.

Whether you’ll be bringing along three sleek, streamlined bags, or if you want to bring along a high-quality Italian leather duffel on your next weekend trip, finding a suitcase or duffel that will last a lifetime is well worth the effort.