18 Awesome Malaga Beaches: Golden Sand and Deep Blue Sea

Malaga beaches are some of the best on the Costa del Sol, the famous section of the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

There are a number of Blue Flag beaches in the towns right next to Malaga, but the city itself offers many fine golden sand beaches as well.

Check out these 18 Malaga beaches below and enjoy the videos – choose the ones you fancy the most on yout next trip to this awesome city! πŸ™‚

1. Playa de la Malagueta (Malagueta Beach)

Malagueta is the main city beach of Malaga, and it’s closest to the Malage cruise terminal – to the right of the main cruise port.Β It runs along the Picasso promenade, and is easily rechable on foot from the city center.

The 1200 meters long sandy beach is busy with tourists all the time, and it provides good facilities like lifeguard service, beach bars and restaurants.

2. Playa Palo (Palo Beach)

Palo beach is located at the eastern end of the city of Malaga, easily reachable by bus, car or on foot for the more enthusiastic types. πŸ™‚

It’s got all the facilities you’d expect, and plenty of man-made breakwaters forming nice areas for swimming. It’s great for families with lots of space for kids to run around and enjoy.

3. Playa Huelin (Huelin Beach)

Huelin beach is located right in front of the Malaga neighborhood of the same name, to the south of the cruise port.

It’s got darker sand, beds to rent and lifeguards on watch, and can be easily accessed from the city in your flip-flops. Bars and restaurants line the promenade, perfect for a day at the beach.

4. Playa Las Acacias/Pedregalejo (Acacias/Pedregalejo Beach)

This beach is right before the Palo beach when you walk to the east of Malaga Center.

It’s built in the similar fashion, with a number of breakwaters forming enjoyable swimming areas, and it offers all the facilities you need.

A nice sandy beach suitable for families that enables you to visit the neighboring Palo beach as well.

5. Playa Torrox (Torrox Beach)

Torrox is an interesting town located some 30 km/18.6 miles east of Malaga.

Torrox beach is the Blue Flag holder, and is well worth the visit. It’s a smaller place compared to Malaga, and relatively less crowded.

All the facilities you can imagine are avaiable, and there are many bars where you can enjoy drinks and great views of the sea.

6. Playa Benajarafe in Velez Malaga (Benajarafe Beach)

Benajarafe beach is nested on the way east from Malaga to a town called Velez-Malaga, characterized by a number of Blue Flag beaches.

The beach itself is Blue Flag holder, made of dark sand, not very busy and right under the road linking the area to the city. If you like some waves too this is the beach for you. πŸ™‚

7. Playa Almayate (Almayate Beach) in Velez Malaga

Further along the road to the east from Benajarafe beach you’ll come across this long, dark sand beach called Almayate.

It’s a nudist beach, and the nudist section is located at the far western end of the beach near the campsite.

The surroundings are pretty wild, and the beach offers no services you’d find in Malaga city beaches. It’s huge and great for those who prefer a quiet day at the beach.

Check ou the video above that shows you the appeal of the Almayate beach where you can… go horse riding too! πŸ™‚

8. Playa San Julian/Campo de Golf (San Julian/Campo de Golf beach)

San Julian beach, or Campo de Golf beach as it’s also known due to its proximity to the golf course, is a long stretch of a dark sandy beach.

It’s located right in front of the Malaga airport, and also has a nudist section as well.

It has an urban feel, with many bars and restaurants lining the beach for your pleasure.

9. Playa La Misericordia (La Misericordia Beach)

La Misericordia beach is located close to the Campo de Golf beach, across the Guadalhorce river.

It boasts one of Malaga’s longest promenades., and offers plenty of amenities. Its made of dark sand and offers nice views of Malaga across the bay.

10. Playa San Andres (San Andres Beach)

Continuing to the east towards the center of Malaga, San Andres beach sits right in front of the neighborhood of the same name.

Dark sand, shallow water, bars and restaurants, all that you need is there – quite popular with families.

11. Playa La Caleta (La Caleta Beach)

Stretching along Picasso’s promenade La Caleta beach is popular with locals, busy and offers all kinds of sports activities you can imagine on the beach.

Sandy, wide, close to bars, pubs and restaurants, it’s one of the cleanest beaches in the area, despite the heavy traffic of tourists and locals alike.

12. Playa Banos del Carmen (Banos del Carmen Beach)

This beach is close to heart of the people of Malaga – it was here that the first spa was opened for public in 1918.

But today the beach is frequented by the younger crowds, with parties, concerts and other loud stuff taking place. Probably not the first place on the list to take your family.

Nevertheless, its iconic status makes it a pleasurable place to visit, have a drink, watch people.

13. Playa Penon del Cuervo (Penon del Cuervo Beach)

The Penon, or the Rock in English, is a one of the well-known landmarks of Malaga. The beach is one of the best in the area, and is very popular with the young crowd.

Parties and all kinds of events are organized here, and it’s indeed a perfect venue for the parties as it’s a bit at the outskirts of Malaga, after the Palo beach to the east of Malaga center.

14. Playa El Dedo (El Dedo Beach)

El Dedo beach (El Dedo means “finger”) is right after the Palo beach to the east of Malaga.

Very similar to the Palo beach – dark sand, beautiful Mediterranean sea, loads of bars and restaurants. This nice lady explains in German all about the beach – check it out for some great info and shots of the El Dedo beach. πŸ™‚

15. Playa Carchuna (Carchuna Beach)

Carchuna beach is a Blue Flag beach in the Velez-Malaga, to the east of Malaga.

It’s popular with surfers as the waves are good, and it’s accessible directly from the road. No amenities here, only a small kiosk – it’s a beautiful natural beach that hasn’t been fully developed yet.

16. Playa Rio Seco/Caleta de Velez (Rio Seco Beach)

Another Blue Flag beach in Velez Malaga.

Great for families as it’s not busy with tourists, but with not too may amenities either. It’s dark sand and pleasant sea make it an ideal spot for a day at the beach.

Visit Velez-Malaga after the whole day at the beach for some authentic Andalusian feel.

17. Playa Algarrobo Costa (Algarrobo Costa Beach)

One of the main Velez beaches, this dark sand beauty is a Blue Flag holder as well.

The beach got its name after the river Algarrobo that separates this beach from the next one to the east. No amenities here, just one kiosk, but you can access bars and restaurants along the beach and enjoy the sea view and the breeze.

18. Playa Ferrara (Ferrara Beach)

The final, beautiful dark sand beach in the area east of Malaga, Ferrara beach is the main beach of Torrox town.

It’s being developed quite a lot and it offers plenty of great bars and restaurants, and is a preferred beach for families. No crowds, calm waters, endless sun – is there anything else you need? πŸ™‚

As you can see, Malaga boasts some fantastic beaches, many of which are Blue Flag holders.

Yes, it’s a city that gave birth to Picasso the painter and Antonio Banderas the actor, but it’s a prime destination for great beach holidays.

Make sure you visit Malaga and its superb beaches – it’s well worth a visit!