Monte Carlo, Monaco: Glitz and Glamour Capital Of The Med

Monte Carlo… If you’d like to live the high life for a day (or two), wander around the charming streets lined with ultra-luxurios designer clothes shops, see the world’s biggest private yachts and enjoy the magic of one the last remaining monarchies in the world – you have to come to this place.

This unique city is nested in an idyllic spot on the French Riviera, on a short stretch of a rocky coastline, with rising mountains right above the Mediterranean Sea.

This dream-like port-state is a 700-year old monarchy, ruled by Grimaldi family for more than 7 centuries.

Its colorful history includes wars, cunning twists, violence, emperors, and a movie star – basically lots of swords, glamour and yachts. πŸ™‚

Port of Monte Carlo, Monaco - This is a port of a 700-year old monarchy on the French Riviera, ruled by Grimaldi family. It is a place of glamour and long history with a Hollywood twist. Take a walk around the port, enjoy the the view of world's biggest private yachts and the magic of one the last remaining monarchies in the world.Port of Monte Carlo

The Principality of Monaco is a picturesque castle on a large rock stretching into the sea, in direct view of the approaching super yachts and cruise ships.

The city itself stretches to the east of the castle, and is the home to some of the richest and famous people of the world.

The View of Monte Carlo - Monte Carlo is a famous gem of Monaco, the second smallest country in the world (after Vatican). It is a place of rich history and glamour combined with lovely nature and Mediterranean Sea waiting to be explored.Panoramic View of Monte Carlo, Monaco

It is the second smallest country in the world (after Vatican City), but it “boasts” the largest population density in the world, as many people choose to live here due to a favorable tax regime (0% personal income tax).

Casino Monte Carlo, Monaco - This is a famous casino and one of the attractions of Monaco. It was featured in many movies and it is a must-stop for tourists even if you are not interested in gambling, the architecture of the casino itself and surrounding area is impressive.Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco

It also boasts the famous Casino and the Monaco Grand Prix (Formula 1), the madness that happens every May through the streets of this city.

Where is Monte Carlo?


  • 13 miles/ 21 km from Nice, France
  • 6.8 miles/ 11 km from Menton, France
  • 35.4 miles/ 57 km from Cannes, France
  • 16.1 miles/ 26 km from Ventimiglia, Italy
  • 26 miles/ 42 km from San Remo, Italy
  • 19.8 miles/ 32 km from Nice Airport, France
  • 201.9 miles/ 325 m from Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy
  • 195.1 miles/ 314 km from Milan Linate Airport, Italy
  • 225.5 miles/ 363 km from Milan Bergamo Airport, Italy

Things to See

  • Prince’s Palace

Prince's Palace in Monte Carlo, Monaco - This is the residence of the Prince of Monaco. Lovely architecture, history and spectacular views are worth your visit.

Prince’s Palace in Monte Carlo
  • Monte Carlo Casino
  • Oceanographic Museum (Musee de l’Oceanographie)
  • Monte Carlo Grand Prix
  • Mega yachts


Monaco beaches are not many nor special. Larvotto beach is the only public beach, and is located in the eastern part of the city.

You can go to many beaches in the vicinity, such as in Menton, Villefranche-Sur-Mer or Nice (Baie des Anges, Promenade des Anglais).

The Panoramic View of Monte Carlo, Monaco - Monte Carlo is a popular tourist destination on the French Riviera with mountains overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is a unique place rich in history combined with super expensive sports cars and mega yachts which is why it is also known as the glitz and glamour capital of the Mediterranean.
Monte Carlo, Monaco


  • Monaco and Monte Carlo tour on foot
  • Nice
  • Cannes
  • Menton
  • Eze

Monte Carlo is a unique place with many old-style townhouses, super expensive sports cars and mega yachts.

It is definitely an experience worth affording yourself as you get to see what the glamour and the fuss is all about! πŸ™‚

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!