Motril, Spain: An Ideal Year-Round Beach Destination

The lively seaside town of Motril is located on the slopes of Sierra Lujar, on the Costa Tropical, in the Granada Province in Andalusia. It is the largest town on Costa Tropical, which is a lush and productive agricultural area of Spain. The town enjoys a mild subtropical climate that makes it an ideal all year-round beach destination. In addition to its attractive coastline and interesting tourist centers, the town has a great artistic heritage.

Motril boasts a historic quarter, which is a typical example of the Arab-Spanish urban development. Its thriving economy is based on agriculture, fishing and its leisure port.

A Little Bit of History

Motril has been the historic gateway for many civilizations; from the Phoenicians to Abd al-Rahman I. Evidences of occupancy date back to the Bronze Age and to the later occupancy by the Romans.

Calahonda Village near Motril, Spain - This is a small but lovely place on Costa Tropical in Andalucia, overlooked by the cliffs. It is a great place to taste delicious sea food in local restaurants, relax on the beach and enjoy the atmosphere of this fishing village.Calahonda Village near Motril

The town was under the Emir of Granada and eventually the Moors claimed the area. Due to its seaside location, Motril thrived as a fishing town.

The Christians captured the town in 1489, and along with the Moors the population of Motril vanished and it became a barren wasteland.

Efforts were made to repopulate Motril and in 1510. Five hundred Christian Spaniards were given land and asked to rebuild the community.

Vela Tower, Motril, Spain - The tower was made from the minaret of the Encarnacion Main Church and it stands still in this lively seaside town on the Costa Tropical, in the Granada Province in Andalucia. Here, you can also enjoy the wonderful sunny beaches, interesting attractions and the rich cultural heritage of this region.

 Vela Tower in Motril

Fearing pirate attacks, they moved the town to the nearby hillside from where they could have an excellent view of the coast. They grew grains and cereals, and the Guadalfeo River provided the irrigation.

As the pirate attacks diminished, they expanded the town down the hillside and onto the beachfront.

Although sugarcane became the area’s important crop, the agricultural fields remained.

The town is the main shopping destination of Costa Tropical and it has excellent amenities like a hypermarket, shops and boutiques.

Spanish towns are famous for their fiestas and some of Motrils popular festivals are: Carnaval, Easter Week, New Years Day, Andaluca Day, Dia St Juan and La Virgen del Carmen.

Where is Motril?

  • 40 miles/ 64.4 km from Granada, Spain
  • 58.7 miles/ 94.5 km from Malaga, Spain
  • 140.4 miles/ 226 km from Cordoba, Spain
  • 218.7 miles/ 352 km from Tetouan, Morocco
  • 182.6 miles/ 294 km from Seville, Spain
  • 67.1 miles/ 108 km from Malaga Airport, Spain
  • 79.5 miles/ 128 km from Almeria Airport, Spain
  • 120.5 miles/ 194 km from Cherif Al Idrissi Airport, Morocco
  • 142.2 miles/ 229 km from Gibraltar Airport, UK
  • 183.9 miles/ 296 km from Seville Airport, Spain

Things to See

  • La Encarnacion Church
  • Carchuna Castle
  • Museo Aeronautico
  • Virgin of Cabeza Sanctuary
  • Calderon Theater
  • The Casa de las Palmas
  • Sierra Nevada Mountain


  • La Joya
  • Poniente
  • Playa Granada
  • Playa de Chucha
  • Playa de las Azucenas, Calahonda and Torrenueva are the other popular beaches near Motril.


  • Granada
  • Guadix
  • Trevelez

During your visit to Motril, you can enjoy the wonderful sunny beaches, exquisite tropical produce and the rich cultural heritage of this region.

Motril is large enough to provide you with all the necessary facilities, but small enough to be friendly and welcoming and easy enough to find your way around. The family-friendly town is a nice balance of activity and smaller crowds.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!