8 Palamos Beaches: Costa Brava’s Hidden Sandy Coves

Palamos beaches are a mix of sandy and rocky beaches, with a number of hidden coves under the rocks of its varied coastal landscape.

It’s located on Spain’s Costa Brava, right south west from Girona in a straight line towards the Mediterranean Sea.

Enjoy the selection of Palamos beaches and watch the videos below – check out the variety and the fantastic Big Blue of this region!

1. Cala Font Morisca (Morisca Beach)

Cala Font Morisca has a beautiful background of pine trees and low mountains, just north of Palamos.

The gravelly beach with moderate waves features an impressive seabed that attracts scuba divers and snorkelers with an array of wonderful fish to see. Boat trips are arranged around this wonderful area.

2. Cala El Crit (El Crit beach)

El Crit beach is a beautiful cove nestled snugly between imposing rocks and pine woods, to the north of Palamos in the rocky coastal area.

This nudist, gravelly beach and calm waters have numerous boats anchored here. The seabed of this cove is home to a rich variety of fish and starfish.

Font Morisca cove is on the other side and is separated by a stone block.

3. Playa Gran de Palamos (Gran de Palamos Beach)

Playa Gran de Palamos is the main Palamos beach, right next to the cruise port.

It is a fully equipped fine, golden sand beach with crystalline waters. There are lifeguard towers, kiosks, restaurants, showers, telephone boxes, hammocks and parasols, WC, seafront walking avenue and parking.

There are also wind surf boards, pedal boats and catamarans for rent.

4. Cala Castell (Castell Beach)

The beach is a beautiful stretch of white sand with moderate waves, located just outside Palamos to the north.

The Cala Castell Beach is in the shape of an extensive bay surrounded by big, rocky massifs, which stretch down to meet the sea. Boats, big and small, stop here to enjoy the clear waters.

Castell Beach offers facilities like parking, kiosks, hammocks and parasols, showers, and toilets. The laid back shack on the beach serves cold beers, seafood and sandwiches.

5. La Fosca Beach

La Fosca beach, the Blue Flag holder, is a fine white sand beach with moderate waves.

It gets its name from the large rocky massif that stands in the middle of the beach. The rock separates the beach into two; while one side of the beach is busy with all amenities, the other is quiet and peaceful.

The beach provides all basic amenities, such as parking, kiosks, hammocks and parasols, showers, WC, dustbins, and telephone boxes.

The promenade that runs along the beach is suitable for cycling and skating. Low blocks of flats and housing complexes overlook the beach.

6. Cala Margarida (Margarida Beach)

Margarida beach is a stony but picturesque beach with showers, parking, seafront walking avenue and dustbins. You can reach here by bus from Palamos and it’s quite close to its port.

7. Cala Estreta (Estreta Beach)

Estreta beach is a lovely cove that can be reached on foot from Canyers Cove.

It is a mixed beach where you can find some nudists. The gravelly beach has a bar, and you can enjoy fishing and scuba diving here.

8. Cala S’Alguer (S’Alguer Beach)

If you don’t mind the walk, S’Alguer beach is well worth it.

It’s on the way to the Calla de Castell, and it’s in fact a small rock and pebbly beach in front of a line of old, traditional fishermen houses. White houses with colorful doors give this place a unique look and feel, and you can get a sense how the people here lived for a very long time.

Palamos beaches are well worth exploring.

The port town itself is lively and is an access port to all these natural beauties.

Explore these videos and figure out which beaches you prefer as you have it all in Palamos – sand, pebble and rock!