9 Best Portoferraio Beaches: Caribbean Beaches in Tuscany, Italy

Portoferraio beaches are mostly sandy and pebbly, clean, with crystal clear water that comes in thousands of shades of blue.

Due to its landscape, many buildings have been constructed on the slopes of a small hill, which is surrounded on three sides by the sea. The town itself is famous for being the place where Napoleon was exiled in 1814 (only to come back for a revived second act!).

Here are a number of Portoferraio beaches, some within the town itself, some a bit further away but in the island of Elba everything is close – check them out!

1. Capo Bianco Beach

Capo Bianco is a rocky beach with crystalline waters and white pebbles, located on the north side of town under the rocks.

The beach offers wonderful views of the town and beautiful bay. The smooth pebbles make this beach suitable for scuba diving, and it’s accessible through a steep stairway.

2. Le Ghiaie Beach

Le Ghiaie beach is the nearest beach from the cruise port, on the north coast of Portoferraio.

This 400 m/0.25 miles long beach boasts white pebbles that slope smoothly into the Mediterranean waters. The clear water makes this beach ideal for diving and snorkeling.

The public park that lines the beach and the promenade provide a respite to the visitors. There is also a children’s play area to keep them engaged. There is a bar and a restaurant, and various facilities are available for rent.

3. Biodola Beach

Biodola is a fine golden sand beach just outside Portoferraio to the west, and it provides several water sports facilities.

You can dive and wind surf, or rent the rubber dinghy or pedalos. There are also bathing establishments and you can rent beach umbrellas.

There are hotels and restaurants right on the beach. This beach is 600 m/0.37 miles long and you can reach it by following the crossroad that runs between Procchio and Portoferraio.

4. Marina di Campo Beach

Marina di Campo beach can be found along the village of the same name, at the southern coast of Elba.

It is outside of Portoferraio, but it’s well worth the trip. It’s a long, sandy beach with incredible water, perfect for kids. Couples can enjoy romantic dinners during sunset in one of the many restaurants along the beach.

5. La Padulella Beach

Two cliffs stand guard to the 150m long La Padulella beach, located in a secluded and serene surrounding on a northern tip of Portoferraio.

The mix of smooth white pebbles and sand roll out into the eye-pleasing blue waters. The beach offers all basic facilities, and sun loungers and parasols can also be hired. This sheltered beach offers a bar and a restaurant as well to escape the midday heat.

6. Le Viste Beach

The 150 meters long Le Viste beach is located near the old town of Portoferraio, behind the port, and you can easily reach this beach on foot.

Fine sand and beautifully colored pebbles cover this beach. It is looked over by the remains of the Falcone Fort and the former residence of Napoleon (he didn’t have it so bad when you think about it. 🙂 ).

A steep path takes you down to the beach and this reserved sea area is filled with wonderful fauna. Although there are no general beach facilities, a bar and a restaurant with terrace provide you with some much needed refreshments in the Elba summer heat.

7. Bagnaia Beach

Bagnaia beach is perfectly located right across the Portoferraio Gulf, giving you great views of this interesting port town.

It’s a sandy beach with all the amenities you can think of, and you can get there easily by car or bus (just 4 km/2.5 miles). Perfect for an easy-going day at the beach, or for some splashing water sports if you feel like it.

8. Procchio Beach

Procchio beach will give you a feel for Elba’s history, being the place where quite a lot of ancient artefacts were found (including a Roman ship!).

It’s a long sandy beach, with expectedly perfect, calm beautiful sea, with some of the best amenities of all Elba island beaches.

It’s easily reachable from Portoferraio, just after Biodola beach, with plenty of parking, restaurants and sports stuff – guaranteeing a super day at the beach.

9. Viticcio Beach

Viticcio beach is to the west of Portoferraio, on the way to Biodola and Procchio beaches.

The beach has no facilities so it is not much crowded, but it can provide you with the perfect setting to relax. You’ll be enjoying the pure Elba feel while walking down the path towards the beach – well worth the visit.

Portoferraio beaches are unique in that each beach contains a section that is free – you are not obliged to rent sun beds or parasols.

The beaches are beautiful, well-kept, the sea is warm and calm, and the sun is endless.

What more could you want? Plan your trip to Portoferraio now and make your dreams come true! 🙂