Portofino, Italy: Half-Moon Shaped Playground Of Rich And Famous

Portofino is one of the prime magnets of the Cinque Terre coastal region in the northwestern part of Italy. You see it on many postcards from Italy – it’s that colorful, tiny seaside town, with disproportionately oversize yachts docked next to old, picture-perfect fishermen boats! It is a half-moon shaped, picturesque seaside village, which is the resort of the rich and famous.

It is situated on a peninsula in the Tigullian Gulf, on the east of Genoa in Liguria region.

It’s been made famous by celebrities who flock here, and the history of aristocrats who built their residences in this tiny port from a fairy tale.

It’s a part of the Italian Riviera, an old, charming resort, with a castle looking down at the village from the hill top – the view that’s a treat for the eyes!

The Colorful Houses of Portofino, Italy - Portofino is a colorful and tiny seaside town but a popular tourist destionation with many yachts docked next to old fishermen boats and overlooked by the castle from the hill top. This beautiful town has a truly unique charm and offers unforgettable Mediterranean atmosphere.The colorful houses of Portofino

A Little Bit Of History

Romans founded this port town and they named it Port of the Dolphin, because large number of dolphins that inhabited the Tigullian Gulf.

Portofino Marina, Italy - Portofino is a picturesque seaside village near Genoa and a popular holiday destination of the rich and famous. A walk along the marina is a great way to enjoy the views of cliffs, colorful houses, and a true Italian charm..Marina of Portofino

It became a part of the Republic of Genoa after 1229. Charles VI of France sold it to the Republic of Florence in 1409, and in 1815 it became a part of the Kingdom of Sardinia.

Finally, it was taken into the Unified Kingdom of Italy in 1861.

Bay of Portofino, Italy - This charming and romantic fishing village in Liguria is most known for its colorful houses, high-end shops and busy marina with big yachts docked next to small fishermen boats.Bay of Portofino

Portofino is a shopper’s haven and most of the shops are located along the half-moon shaped harbor, and you can find artifacts made by local artisans and high-end designer boutiques.

Where is Portofino?


  • 25.4 miles/ 41 km from Genoa, Italy
  • 90 miles/ 145 km from Pisa, Italy
  • 106.2 miles/ 171 km from Milan, Italy
  • 132.9 miles/ 214 km from Florence, Italy
  • 142.2 miles/ 229 km from Nice, France
  • 302.6 miles/ 487 km from Rome, Italy
  • 29.2 miles/ 47 km from Genoa Airport, Italy
  • 132.3 miles/ 213 km from Milan-Malpensa Airport, Italy
  • 142.9 miles/ 230 km from Milan Bergamo Airport, Italy
  • 113 miles/ 182 km from Milan Linate Airport, Italy

Things to See

  • Castello Brown
  • San Giorgio Church
  • Lighthouse
  • Regional Park
  • Chiesa di San Martino



  • San Fruttuoso
  • Cinque Terre

Visitors flock to this little town to enjoy the tree-lined cliffs, ocean views, warm weather and delicious food.

The charming marina and the romantic atmosphere make Portofino a perfect holiday destination.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!