5 Roses Beaches: Sandy Beaches Perfect for Families

Roses beaches are blessed with fine sand and warm, calm Mediterranean sea.

Roses is located very close to the border between France and Spain, in the well-known Costa Brava region of the Spain’s Mediterranean coast.

Check out these 5 Roses beaches located in and around this popular cruise port town.

1. Canyelles Petites Beach

The Canyelles Petites beach is a golden sand beach with crystalline waters and a sandy bottom.

It is well sheltered from the northern winds – it’s located 3 km/1.9 miles from the center of the town, pretty small at just 370 m/0.2 miles long. Because of its small size, the beach can get pretty crowded in the summer.

Small old Mediterranean style buildings surround the beach and the access is wheelchair-friendly. Lifeguards are available on watch at all times and there are facilities to take care of any medical emergencies.

There are toilets and showers, water sports facilities and sun beds for hire, as well as the restaurants and bars – perfect for a cool day at the beach.

2. Almadrava Beach

Almadrava is about 4 km/2.5 miles from the town and this beach is also sheltered from the north wind.

It’s 450 meters/0.27 miles long and boasts fine sand and deep blue waters. Its proximity to Roses means it can get rather crowded in summer.

But that should not stop you as it’s perfect for the families and a pleasant day in its calm, warm waters.

It’s got the facilities you would expect, sun beds, some water sports facilities, with a number of bars and restaurants as well.

3. La Punta Beach

La Punta is a typical family beach with fine sand and shallow waters. It is situated right across the center of Roses, some 550 m/0.34 miles long beach that stretches from the harbor to the jetty.

There is a children’s play area as well at the beach, and life guards on watch all the time. These facilities along with the shallow waters make the La Punta a favorite with kids. There are restaurants and bars along the sandy beach stretch, as well as the sun beds that can be rented.

4. Platja Palangres (Palangres Beach)

The Platja Palangres beach is popular with the locals and it has a tree shaded picnic area where you can find stone benches and tables which are quite handy for a nice day out at the beach.

It’s a tiny beach, with a few basic facilities available on the beach like restaurants, ice cream stands and a car parking as well.

5. Santa Margarida Beach

Santa Margarida beach is a 650 m/0.4 miles long sandy beach, with enjoyable calm waters and plenty of space.

This is one of the most popular Roses beaches and there are lots of facilities available on the beach. Everything you’d expect is available, from sun beds to lifeguards to restaurants, bars and sports facilities for the active types.

The tiny port of Roses has some of the nicer beaches of the area, and they are all conveniently close and well organized.

There are a few beaches close to the cruise terminal, so you can make the most of your day at this port town.

Roses offers plenty of sun, sand and warm, calm seas, so it’s a perfect place to spend a day at the beach and stare at the Big Blue and relax. 🙂