Samos Island, Greece: Let The Nature Impress You

Samos is an impressively green island with verdant mountains, crowded beaches, secluded coves, picturesque villages, busy resorts, intensive nightlife and peaceful places. Even though it’s one of the most visited islands of the Aegean Islands, it has retained its beauty and calm spots away from the crowds.

It is a part of the north-eastern Aegean Islands and is separated from the Turkish coast by the narrow Mykale Straits.

The island is not only graced with exquisite beauty, but it also has a rich culture and heritage.

Despite the 1998 destructive fires, Samos still remains green with pine trees, olive groves and citrus trees. The greenery rolls down the hills to the coast and gives way to wonderful beaches.

Island of Samos, Greece - It is an impressively green island in the eastern Aegean Sea. It offers verdant mountains, crowded beaches, secluded coves, picturesque villages, busy resorts, intensive nightlife and peaceful places that you will love!Island of Samos

A Little Bit of History

The history of this island is mingled with Greek mythology and many of the ancient ruins in this area were created to honor the gods. According to mythology goddess Hera, wife of Zeus and queen of the gods, was born here.

Fishing Boat, Samos island, Greece - Samos is an island in the eastern Aegean Sea with unique natural beauties and secluded spots and beaches. It is most known for sweet wine production and is a great place to taste Greek food and experience true Mediterranean atmosphere in local cafes and restaurants.Fishing Boat in Samos Harbor

The Ionian culture was the first established culture of the area in the 7th century BC and this culture developed this area into a bustling center of cultural activity and world trade.

Samos was taken under the rule of Polycrates who worked for the development of the area and built the aqueduct.

After his death, the island was captured by the Persians who ruled for a short period and then the people of Samos regained control.

Kouros of Samos - It is an ancient Greek sculpture that can be seen in the Samos Archaeological Museum, Greece. Samos is one among the most visited island of the Aegean Islands graced with exquisite beauty, but also with a rich culture and heritage well worth your visit!

Kouros of Samos, Ancient Greek Sculpture

Throughout history this attractive island has been under the rule of various people including  Romans, Byzantines, Genoese and Ottomans.

In the beginning of the 20th century, it finally freed itself fully from external rule.

The locals love feasting; the Feast Days of the Virgin Mary, the Christ’s Transfiguration, Metamorphosis and Panagia Vrondiani are celebrated with parades, music, dance and entertainment.

The Anniversary of the Battle of Mikali and the Anniversary of Samos’s union with Greece are also celebrated with great pomp and show.

The island is famous for its sweet Muscat wine, beautiful pottery, ceramics, bags and rugs.

Some great philosophers like Aristarchus, Pythagoras and Epicuros were born here.

 Where is Samos?

  • 238.6 miles/ 384 km from Ozdere, Turkey
  • 169 miles/ 272 km from Lesbos, Greece
  • 264.7 miles/ 426 km from Izmir, Turkey
  • 270 miles/ 435 km from Manisa, Turkey
  • 262.8 miles/ 423 km from Athens, Greece
  • 214.9 miles/ 346 km from Kusadasi, Turkey
  • 10.5 miles/ 17 km from Samos Airport, Greece
  • 53.9 miles/ 86.9 km from Ikaria Airport, Greece
  • 78.2 miles/ 126 km from Leros Airport, Greece

 Things to See

  • Heraion Sanctuary
  • Castle of Lykourqos Logothetis
  • Archeological Museum
  • Monastery of Panagia Spiliani
  • Archeological Museum of Mytilene
  • Tunnel of Eupalinos
  • Moni Vronta
  • Metamorphosis Church
  • Theriade Museum of Modern Art


  • Tsamadu Beach
  • Mikro Seitani
  • Psili Ammos
  • Potokaki Beach


  • Pythagorio
  • Tour to Kusadasi and Ephesus
  • Kokkari Village

Samos is an island with unique natural beauties and you will love the relaxed feeling of its secluded spots and beaches.

The island offers all the best conditions to have an unforgettable holiday.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!