San Remo, Italy: Picturesque Haven Of Fragrance And Color

San Remo is a lovely town with mountains in the background, lush green hills sloping down into the blue sea, and it’s famous for its colorful flowers and tropical vegetation. It is a haven of fragrance and color totally in harmony with the surrounding landscape. It is located on the Italian Riviera, situated between Genoa and the French border.

It is the capital town of the Riviera dei Fiori, or Riviera of Flowers, and it is located in the province of Liguria.

It lies in a wide inlet between Capo Nero and Capo Verde, and it is a place where ends meet. It is a popular resort town, well known for its casino, but this picturesque place is much more famous for its flowers. So famous, in fact,  that the grand hall where the traditional New Year’s Concert takes place in Vienna, Austria is always decorated by the flowers from San Remo.

Due to its geographical location the Riviera enjoys a milder temperature, which makes it a good year-round destination.

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The turquoise blue sea and the town’s sweet smelling carnations, long-stemmed roses, and colorful begonias and camellias have attracted many princes, scientists and literates.

This place has been a favorite tourist destination since the mid-1700s, attracting visitors from all over Europe.

A Little Bit Of History

The town was founded by the Romans and it became their administrative center during the second century BC. After the fall of Rome, it was invaded by various groups such as the Lombards, Normans and Saracens.

The charming old buildings of San Remo, Italy - This lovely town on the Italian Riviera, situated between Genoa and the French border with charming harbor, offers interesting tourist attractions, pretty old town, and wonderful cafes and restaurants. Take a stroll along the waterfront and enjoy the views and the Mediterranean atmosphere.

The charming old buildings of San Remo

In 1796 Napoleon conquered Liguria, and after his fall the whole area was taken into the Kingdom of Savoy. After it was united with Italy, the city became a fashionable resort for the rich and the famous.

During the ancient times, San Remo was known as Matuzia as a reminder of Caio Matuzio’s patrician palaces that were built on the Western end of the town.

There is also a legend that the town was named in the honor of the Goddess Matuta, the Goddess of the Sea and Dawn.

Some of the famous festivals and events celebrated in the charming old town are the Italian Song Festival, European Music Festival, Rock Festival and San Remo Flowers Parade.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated with music and there is also a big fireworks display by the sea at Porto Vecchio, the old port.

Carlo Dapporto, Italian actor, Maria Bava, Italian director, and Alex Liddi, baseball player are some of the famous people from this city.

 Where is San Remo?

  • 25.4 miles/ 41 km from Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • 34.7 miles/ 56 km from Nice, France
  • 90.7 miles/ 146 km from Genoa, Italy
  • 401.4 miles/ 646 km from Rome, Italy
  • 167.1 miles/ 269 km from Milan, Italy
  • 257.2 miles/ 414 km from Verona, Italy
  • 86.9 miles/ 140 km from Genoa Airport, Italy
  • 180.8 miles/ 291 km from Milan-Malpensa Airport, Italy
  • 204.4 miles/ 329 km from Milan Bergamo, Italy
  • 173.3 miles/ 279 km from Milan Linate Airport, Italy
  • 41 miles/ 66 km from Nice Cote d’Azur Airport, France

Things to See

  • La Pigna
  • Madonna della Costa Sanctuary
  • Russian Orthodox Church
  • Borea d’Olmo Palace
  • San Siro Cathedral
  • The Fort of Santa Tecla
  • Piazza Eroi
  • The Casino
  • Luxuriant Gardens
  • Corso Giacomo Matteotti


  • Beaches between promenade “Delle Nazioni” and “Vittorio Emanuelle II”
  • Beach between two ports, Porto Vecchio and Portosole
  • The bay of Bussana di San Remo


  • Bussana Vecchia
  • Whale Watching
  • Pista Ciclabile Area 24

San Remo swarms with high-spirited locals and holidaymakers, especially during its many festivals.

It is a glitzy and fashionable destination on the Italian Riviera that caters to an upscale crowd.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!