Savona, Italy: The City of Popes In The Northern Italy

Savona is a major seaside port town of northern Italy, situated in the scenic Liguria region. It is 30 miles /49 km west of Genoa and 91 miles /148 km east of Nice, France. The location of the town helped in the development of this port town and the harbor serves as this area’s major industrial hub for automobile exports. It used to be the most important city in Italy for heavy industries.

Other than the heavy metal the town boasts of art galleries, cathedrals and a medieval fortress.

A Little Bit Of History

This port city was inhabited by Ligures tribes before it came under the Roman influence in 180 BC.

Port of Savona, Italy - Port is a great place to start exploring the city as it is situated near the historic center overlooked by the Priamar fortress. The city on the Riviera di Ponente offers some beautiful beaches, architecture and art well worth a visit.The port of Savona

The city was ruled by the Romans, the Lombards, the Byzantine and the Saracens, and their influence can be seen throughout the city.

After a long struggle the city became independent in the 11th century and was the center of religious cultures.

Later the Genoese conquered the port city in 1528, and the upper town and the port were destroyed in the battle. It was annexed with the Kingdom of Sardinia and Piedmont in 1815.

Savona Port, Italy - Savona is a major seaside port town on the Ligurian Sea situated between Cote d'Azur and Cinque Terre. Its port is one of the great sites to visit as many attractions are situated nearby. The Torre Leon Pancaldo is the 14th century tower standing proudly in the port and one of the city's landmarks.Savona waterfront with the Torre Leon Pancaldo

This port city became well known through the letters and journals of Christopher Columbus who was a resident of this town. His residence and some other houses associated with him still exist in the city.

The town came to be called as ”City of Popes” after Francesco Della Rovere, a local from Savona became Pope Sixtus IV in 1471. He was followed by his nephew Giuliano, who became Pope Julius II in 1503.

Torre de Brandale (Brandale Tower) in Savona, Italy - The tower is built in the 12th century and is situated near the port and the old town. It is one of the attractions of this charming city rich in history, architecture, art and wonderful beaches.

Torre de Brandale, Savona

They are closely linked with the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican – Sixtus IV built it and Julius II had arranged for Michelangelo to decorate its ceiling.

People in this city love their tradition and culture and this gives way to many traditional festivals all year round such as Navitalia, Darsena Jazz Festival, Summer Carnival, Miller Music Tour, and others.

All the traditional festivals have religious processions, competitions, markets, fetes and flowers.

The ”Holy Friday Procession” is the most famous and prestigious religious procession held every two years.

During this procession local monasteries parade their wooden cases and crucifixes through Savona’s historical center.

Where is Savona?

  • 265.3 miles/ 427 km from Venice, Italy
  • 106.8 miles/ 173 km from Milan, Italy
  • 91.9 miles/ 148 km from Nice, France
  • 30.4 miles/ 49 km from Genoa, Italy
  • 171.4 miles/ 276 km from Florence, Italy
  • 26 miles/ 42 km from Genoa Airport, Italy
  • 132.9 miles/ 214 km from Milan-Malpensa Airport, Italy
  • 143.5 miles/ 231 km from Milan Bergamo, Italy
  • 113.7 miles/ 183 km from Milan Linate Airport, Italy

Things to See

  • Fortezza Priamar
  • Cattedrale di Nostra Signora Assunta (Cathedral of Our Lady of Assumption)
  • Cappella Sistina
  • Pinacoteca Civica Savona Museum
  • Palazzo Della Rovere
  • The Old Towers
  • Cafè del Mar
  • Torre Leon Pancaldo


  • Fornaci Beach
  • Natarella Beach
  • Prolungamento A Mare Beach


  • The Alta Via dei Monti Liguri
  • Cetaceans Sanctuary

The seaport of Savona makes it an important tourist hub and it becomes quite crowded in the peak seasons.

Its location between Cote d’Azur and Cinque Terre makes it a great hub to explore these fascinating regions of the Medterranean.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!