Seville, Spain: A Contagiously Romantic City

Seville is the capital and the largest city of the Andalusian region, and is located on the river Guadalquivir. Everything about this city is quintessentially Andalusian; the narrow and winding medieval lanes, drenched in the wonderful scent of fresh orange blossom, and the romantic plazas that adorn the streets. It is home to the popular bulwarks of this region, flamenco and bullfighting.

The Muslim and Jewish art and architecture of Seville is incomparable. It is a contagiously romantic city whose celebratory ambiance spills out of its bars and tapas parlors.

A Little bit of History

The city was initially called Hispalis by the Romans who made it a significant port on Rio Guadalquivir. The Muslims called it Ishbiliya and it became a powerful taifa (small kingdom).

In the twelfth century, the Almohads, a strict Islamic sect from Morocco, took over Muslim Spain and Seville was made their capital.

Arches of the Plaza de Espana in Seville, Spain - Theses arches are what makes this wonderful city square so enchanting. Take a walk in the shade of the colonnades and enjoy the Spanish architecture in this gem of Andalucia.Arches of The Plaza de Espana, Seville

A great mosque was built on the site where a cathedral stands now. Almohad’s power crumbled eventually and the city fell in the hands of Fernando III of Castilla in 1248.

By the fourteenth century, it became an important Castilian city and it got a break in 1503 when it was awarded a monopoly on Spanish trade with America.

It soon became a big, rich and cosmopolitan city, which attracted people from all sects alike.

Plaza De Espana in Seville, Andalucia, Spain - This is a square in the Maria Luisa Park and one of the main city's attractions. Its beauty was so enchanting that the square was featured in many movies such as Star Wars Episode II and Lawrence of Arabia.Plaza de Espana, Seville

Great Spanish artists like Zurbaran, Murillo, Valdes Leal, Juan Martinez Montanes and Pedro Roldan were based here during the 16th and 17th centuries, and it was the artistic golden age of Spain.

However, the plagues of 1649 and 1800 killed many people. Its population dwindled dramatically and people were impoverished. During the Spanish Civil War, it was taken by the Nationalists.

Things started to improve when Seville was made the capital of Andalucia in the 1980s. Tourism, commerce, industry and technology have helped it to grow economically.

Royal Cavalry of the Bullring, Seville, Spain - Wouldn't you like to take a ride in this one and enjoy the view?Royal cavalry of the bullring, Seville

The city is popular for its artifacts, especially plates and Spanish tiles, which can be custom designed.

Seville hosts some important events like the Semana Santa and Feria de Abril. The biggest celebration of the Guadalquivir is the Vela of Sant Ana.

Where is Seville?

  • 90.7 miles/ 146 km from Cordoba, Spain
  • 74.5 miles/ 120 km from Cadiz, Spain
  • 156.5 miles/ 252 km from Granada, Spain
  • 58.8 miles/ 94.7 km from Huelva, Spain
  • 8.6 miles/ 14 km from Seville Airport, Spain
  • 121.1 miles/ 195 km from Gibraltar Airport, UK
  • 126.1 miles/ 203 km from Faro Airport, portugal

Things to See

The Bullring of Seville, Spain - It is one of the most important attractions of this Andalusian gem known for being the place of one of the most popular bullfighting festivals in the world. This is the oldest bullring in Spain is a must-stop if you are visiting this truly wonderful city and a great place for an adrenaline rush.The Bullring of Seville
  • Tomb of Christopher Columbus
  • Alcazar
  • Cathedral
  • Plaza de Espana
  • The Giralda Tower
  • Basilica
  • Bullring
  • Iglesia de la Magdalena
  • Museo de Bellas Artes


  • Huelva Beaches – some of the popular are Matalascanas and Punta Umbria
  • Cadiz Beaches – Conil and Tarifa are some of the interesting ones


  • Santiponce
  • Ecija
  • Carmona

The locals in Seville enjoy their life, they love to go out at night and be with the fun loving crowd in the tapas bars, in the clubs and discos or on the streets.

This will surely be an interesting experience – visit it and you’ll likely never forget it.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!