Skiathos, Greece: The Place Where Mamma Mia Was Filmed

Skiathos is a beautiful, green, wooded Greek island with many fine sandy beaches and turquoise Aegean Sea. The island features hidden, wooded valleys, shallow beaches with background pastures, cliffs plunging into the sea below and monasteries set against barren rocks.

The only town in this island is also called Skiathos and it has a well sheltered harbor. During summer, the harbor gets packed with all types of boats, from small fishing boats to hi-tech motor yachts.

The island is a combination of chic towns with designer shops, places to dance the night away and yachts moored at its harbor, and sleepy villages that seem to be untouched by modern life.

Agistros Beach, Skiathos, Greece - This is one of many wonderful beaches that this lovely Greek island offers. Skiathos is also known for natural beauty and turquoise Aegean Sea which makes it a great place to disappear from the crowds and relax in the sun.Agistros Beach, Skiathos


A Little Bit of History

The island played a small role during the Persian Wars and was destroyed by Philip V of Macedon in 200 B.C.

It was conquered in 1207 by the Gyzi brothers, who built the Bourtzi to protect the capital from the pirates.

As the Bourtzi was not effective in protecting the inhabitants, they moved the capital to Kastro, at the northernmost part of the island.

The View of Skiathos, Greece - This is a beautiful Greek island in the Aegean Sea which became popular with the release of the film Mamma Mia that was partially filmed here. It is also known for its beaches and natural beauty, wonderful food and bustling nightlife.The View of Skiathos town

In 1830, after the War of Independence, the capital was moved back to the original site.

Due to the abundance of pine forests, Skiathos became an important ship building center in the Aegean. Since then the population of the town has grown.

The town was destroyed by the German bombing during WWII, but it was rebuilt and has prospered well. Almost the entire population of island lives here.

Skiathos became popular with the release of the film Mamma Mia, which was partially filmed here.

Many cultural events are conducted in the “Bourtzi”, a small wooded peninsula that is situated between the old and new harbors.

The open-air theater hosts ballets, concerts, theaters, films and traditional Greek “shadow-theater”.

Where is Skiathos?

  • 155.9 miles/ 251 km from Athens, Greece
  • 49.5 miles/ 79.7 km from Volos, Greece
  • 301.9 miles/ 486 km from Skopje, Macedonia
  • 308.8 miles/ 497 km from Zakynthos, Greece
  • 178.3 miles/ 287 km from Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 352.3 miles/ 567 km from Santorini, Greece
  • 1.3 miles/ 2.1 km from Skiathos Airport, Greece
  • 64.6 miles/ 104 km from Volos Airport, Greece
  • 167.1 miles/ 269 km from Athens Airport, Greece

Things to See

  • Panagia Eikonistria
  • The Monastery of Evangalistra
  • Church of Prophet Illias
  • Kastro
  • St. John the Baptist Church
  • The Bourtzi
  • Skiathos Castle
  • Papadiamantis House


  • Koukounaries
  • Troulos Beach
  • Xerxes Beach
  • Lalaria Beach
  • Kechria Beach
  • Banana Beach


  • Walking Tours
  • Sailing
  • Sea Caves

This island is like a breath of fresh air, where you can explore and enjoy the coves, inlets and fine beaches that have the pine covered woodlands as their fringes.

It’s a great place to disappear from the crowds and enjoy the nature.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!