Vernazza, Italy: The Most Picturesque Of All Cinque Terre Villages

The postcard-perfect Italian village of Vernazza is a wonderful holiday destination with pine-green shutters, lemon and rose facades, lapped by the turquoise blue Mediterranean waters. This is a small village nestled in the hillside along the coast, and it is one of the most picturesque of the five Cinque Terre villages.

It looks like a fairy tale village with colorful houses that cling on to the rocks, stone paths, stairways that act as streets and dramatic cliffs, which drop down to the sparkling blue sea.

There are no cars and this adds to the charm of the village, and you have to take the train or ferry to get from town to town, otherwise you can hike.

Cinque Terre has a huge network of hiking trails that connect the five towns and it offers a variety of ways to explore the coast.

Colorful Port of Vernazza, Italy - Vernazza is one of the most picturesque of the five Cinque Terre villages. It is the the only village with a natural port and its narow allyways, charming cafes, stunning architecture and wonderful sea make it a popular holiday destination.Colorful Port of Vernazza, Cinque Terre

It has been a fishing village from the olden days and it is the only town in Cinque Terre with a proper harbor, which is overshadowed by an ancient castle and a wonderful seaside church.

A Little Bit Of History

The typical facades on buildings of Vernazza, Italy - Vernazza is a stunning Cinque Terre village. Take a walk around the village and discover its charm, its colorful facades, pine-green shutters, narrow allyways and the turquoise Mediterranean waters.The typical facades on buildings of Vernazza, Cinque Terre

The town was founded during 1000 A.D. and was the maritime base of an Italian noble family, the Obertenghi.

Vernazza's cliffs and the Big Blue - Vernazza is the colorful hillside Cinque Terre village and possibly the prettiest too. Its picturesque houses, narrow streets and cliffs covered in olive groves make this fairy tale village definitely worth your visit!

Vernazza’s cliffs and the Big Blue

It was the point of departure for naval forces that set out to defend the town from pirates, and its port was used by Genoa to conquer Liguria. The port town was taken under the Republic of Genoa from 1276.

Olive groves are found on the steep cliffs that surround the port and the village is said to produce the finest olive oil in the country.

The shops in its steep streets sell local handcrafts such as textiles, pottery and jewelry. Vernazza also produces different types of wines and the white dessert wine, Sciacchetra, is very famous.

The feast day of Santa Margherita, the patron saint, is celebrated with fireworks at night and a small market during the day.

Where is Vernazza?

  • 151.6 miles/ 244 km from Siena, Italy
  • 50.9 miles/ 82 km from Portofino, Italy
  • 17.3 miles/ 28 km from La Spezia, Italy
  • 62.7 miles/ 101 km from Genoa, Italy
  • 111.2 miles/ 179 km from Florence, Italy
  • 78.2 miles/ 126 km from Livorno, Italy
  • 66.4 miles/ 107 km from Genoa Airport, Italy
  • 70.2 miles/ 113 km from Pisa International Airport, Italy
  • 106.8 miles/ 172 km from Florence Airport, Peretola, Italy

Thing to See

The view of Vernazza village, Italy from the sea - Vernazza is one of the prettiest Cinque Terre villages that sits between the mountains and the sea. It is the only village with a natural harbor overlooked by an ancient castle and a seaside church.The view from the sea
  • Belforte Tower
  • Doria Castle
  • Santa Margherita d’Antiochia Church
  • Santa Maria Chapel
  • Piazza Marconi
  • Explore the Carugi
  • Via Roma
View of Vernazza while descending to its center - Vernazza, one of the villages of stunning Cinque Terre is a place of colorful houses clinging on to the rocks, charming narrow alleyways and breathtaking views of the hills and sea. It is the only village with natural port and a popular tourist destination in Italy.View of Vernazza while descending to its center, Cinque Terre


  • Sandy beach and a lagoon close to the harbor, on the northwest side.


  • Nostra Signora Di Reggio
  • Hiking the Trails of Cinque Terre
  • Ride in the Milk Train
  • Walking Tour of the Town

Vernazza is an astoundingly beautiful hillside town that is abundant in natural beauty, Italian charm and at the same time it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Not to be missed!

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!