Xlendi, Malta: A Charming Little Bay Of Trust

Xlendi is a beautiful bay 3 km/1.9 miles from Victoria, the capital of Gozo Island in Malta, and is located on the southwest side of Gozo. Gozo is one among the group of islands that form the Maltese Archipelago.Xlendi is one of the prettiest villages on the island flanked by inky blue sea, cloudless turquoise sky and majestic cliffs that afford wonderful views for the adventurous.

Xlendi village has steep cliffs on one side and a valley on the other. This valley takes the rain water from the surrounding villages into the bay.

This bay was a fishing village and a summer resort for the locals and Maltese residents, but it has been recently transformed into a tourist destination.

The inlet has a sandy beach that is ideal for swimming and bathers dive off the rocks that line the bay.

The port of this picturesque and romantic fishing village is reigned by the statue of Saint Andrew, the patron saint of fishermen.

Bay of Xlendi close to Victoria, the capital of Gozo Island, Malta - It is one of the prettiest villages on the island flanked by inky blue sea, cloudless turquoise sky and majestic cliffs that afford wonderful views for the adventurous...Bay of Xlendi, Gozo


The cliffs protected the bay from winds, so it was the ideal port of the Romans. There is a reef in the middle of the bay and many ships had wrecked against it. A large number of Roman amphorae were left on the seabed by these ships.

A Little Bit of History

The Gozo island has been inhabited since 5000 BC, when Sicilian farmers came here to settle.

Xlendi Bay, Gozo Island, Malta - It is a picturesque and romantic fishing village turned tourist destination. It is situated near Victoria, the capital of Gozo Island and offers turquoise sky and sea, and wonderful beach to relax and soak in the atmosphere of the island.
The view of Xlendi, Gozo Island

The island was an important place for cultural evolution, and the Ggantija temples and the Xaghra Stone Circle were built during the Neolithic period.

The Ottomans invaded and enslaved most of its inhabitants in 1551. Gozo was repopulated by people from the mainland Malta, between 1565 and 1580, and it was taken in by the Knights of Malta.

Since then Gozo has been under the Malta government except for a brief period of autonomy, from 1798-1800, granted by Napoleon after his conquest of Malta. In 1961, the Gozo Civic Council was set up as a statutory local government.

The feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the patron saint, is celebrated on the first Sunday of September, every year. Procession and water games are held on this day.

The traditional gostra, in which players walk over a greasy pole to get the flag, is held in the afternoon.

A strange custom of the people in Gozo is that they leave their keys on their house door.

This is a habit that has been in practice since the 50s when numerous men left the island to Australia, US or Canada. The women used to leave their keys on the door in case their husbands came back.

People do not lock their car either, and this is a strong exhibition of serenity and confidence.

Where is Xlendi?

Where is Xlendi map

  • 2.2 miles/ 3.7 km from Victoria, Gozo, Malta
  • 26.3 miles/ 42.4 km from Valletta, Malta
  • 25.3 miles/ 40.8 km from Floriana, Malta
  • 27.3 miles/ 44 km from Paola, Malta
  • 986.1 miles/ 1,587 km from Venice, Italy
  • 242.9 miles/ 391 km from Sicily, Italy
  • 26.7 miles/ 43.1 km from Malta Airport, Malta
  • 142.2 miles/ 229 km from Comiso Airport, Sicily, Italy

Things to See

  • Il-Kantra
  • Punic Tombs
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
  • Xlendi Tower
  • St. Catherine’s Cave
  • Carolina’s Cave
  • Diving
  • Trekking


  • Xlendi Bay
  • Mgarr ix-Xini Beach
  • Ix-Xatt I-Ahmar Beach
  • Ir-Ramla il-Hamra Beach


  • Ggantija Temple
  • Climbing and Abseiling Tours
  • Victoria

Xlendi Bay is a clean and safe place for swimming, snorkeling and diving, and it’s quite an inspirational location for the artists.

Although it has become popular as a tourist destination, it retains a peaceful atmosphere and is surprisingly undeveloped in spite of the tourist accommodations that have developed recently.

We wish you a fantastic Mediterranean cruise!